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Konflikt ’47: Experimental Rules

We’ve got something special for all you Konflikt ’47 fans; the designers at Clockwork Goblin have got some experimental rules for you to try out! Please send any feedback to the Game Designers at clockworkgoblinminis@gmail.com. Experimental Rule: SUPPRESSIVE FIRE These experimental rules are being trialled as an addition to the shooting rules. If both players…

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Spotlight: SPQR Basic Rules

Are you ready to forge your empire? Warlorder Tom takes you through an overview of the game’s core mechanics and shows off some of the beautiful models on their way for SPQR:   How it works Tom: Turns of SPQR begin with both players rolling the Dice of Fate! Compare the scores and whoever has…

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Spotlight: The Kangaroo Armoured Personnel Carrier

With Canadian Thanksgiving just around the corner, we thought we’d highlight one of their great contributions to the Commonwealth war effort. The Kangaroo APC allowed the infantry to keep pace with their tanks and afforded excellent protection from incoming fire. Background In July 1944, the Commonwealth forces in Normandy found themselves confronted with spiralling casualty rates…