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New: British Expeditionary Force 1939 – 1940

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Keeping true to their word, the British jumped into the conflict against the invasive Germans and are ready to give them a bloody good fight.

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The British Expeditionary Force began moving into France on 4 September 1939. Joining the combined Belgian and French troops, the BEF fought against the German Blitzkrieg. With the nation venerated as a whole from the first World War, the standard of troop increased when the second broke out. The British fought hard as they were repeatedly pushed back by the German offensive until the fateful day of the Dunkirk evacuation. Use this force to hold fast and beat the opposition back.

This set contains:

  • 1 x British Expeditionary Force
  • 1 x BEF Infantry Section
  • 1 x Carden Loyd MMG carrier
  • 1 x Order Dice pack – Brown (Containing 12 dice)
  • 1 x Armies of Great Britain with Cpt Charles Upham VC & Bar
  • 1 x An A5 Bolt Action Mini Rulebook

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