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New: German Blitzkrieg Starter, France 1940

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They have prepared for war and are ready to fight – use the rapid German forces to take over Europe.

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The art of lightning war, pioneered by the German forces, was heavily utilised with the German invasion of Western Europe. It was such a brash tactic that it stormed through Belgian and allowed the German army to literally drive circles around the Allies defender. You can use this German Blitzkrieg starter to deal the finishing blow on France.

This set contains:

  • 1 x Blitzkrieg German HQ (1939-42) blister pack
  • 1 x Blitzkrieg German Infantry plastic boxed set
  • 1 x Blitzkrieg German MG34 MMG team (1939-42) blister pack
  • 1 x Panzer II Ausf. A/B/C
  • 1 x Order Dice pack – Grey
  • 1 x Armies of Germany 2nd Edition
  • 1 x Bolt Action Mini Rulebook

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