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Bolt Action Summer Offensive: War is coming!

Last month, we announced the Bolt Action Summer Offensive – a huge global online Bolt Action campaign that allows you to play loads of battles and register the results online to influence the course of the war!


We had a fantastic response, with messages, interest, and questions pouring in!

July is upon us and Warlord HQ reverberates with the sound of tank engines being fired-up, troops marching on manoeuvres, and the firing range echoes with seemingly constant gunfire in preparation for the coming action!

So, with war almost upon us, we thought it about time to shed a little more light on the Summer Offensive…

Bolt Action Summer Offensive (2)


Due to launch in two weeks time, we’ll open up enlistment next week – you’ll be asked for a handful of key details to log you onto the system…

Bolt Action Summer Offensive (1)

The campaign is due to run for 6 weeks over summer – with each week representing one year of the war;

Week 1 – 1939 – 1940
Week 2 – 1940 – 1941
Week 3 – 1941 – 1942
Week 4 – 1942 – 1943
Week 5 – 1943 – 1944
Week 6 – 1944 – 1945

Each week, you can play games of Bolt Action using the new rules we’ll be introducing during the course of the campaign and a specific scenario each week to represent the era being covered. Players then log-in, and register their results.

Once one player logs their results, their After Action Report is automatically sent across to their opponent – who checks the details, and confirms them. The results are then logged into the system, the numbers crunched, and the website maintains a real-time record of the global victories and losses overall, and for each Theatre.

Bolt Action Summer Offensive (3)

Along the way, there’ll be special rewards for players. As you play more games, and log more results, you’ll be rewarded for your bravery and, of course, we have some surprises planned too…

So – you have two weeks to prepare, soldier! Lace your boots, replenish your canteen, gather the troops, and get ’em painted!

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