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Beyond the Gates of Antares: Jez Allum’s Algoryn

2015 is shaping-up to be a very exciting year for Beyond the Gates of Antares – over the coming months, we’ll be ramping-up the amount of Antares-related articles, new rules and scenarios, new units being shown-off, and new insights into the back story from the man behind the game, Rick Priestley.

We’re starting to see painted models, battle reports, and hobby projects being shown-off on the official Facebook page!

We’ll be regularly dipping into the Facebook page to showcase some of our favourite painted models, battle reports, conversions, background, and whatever else we might find – so be sure to join the group and let us know about your ventures into the Antarean universe!

The first project which grabbed our attention was from the very talented Jez Allum – but we’ll let him explain!

10426239_581249542018659_2600639230963695430_nJez: You may know me from the various Warlord Games Facebook pages, Jez’s Painting Blog and A Tale of Bearded Wargamers blog.

Having been involved in the wargaming hobby for around 25 years, I’ve tried my hand at a wide range of game systems, and have been an avid Bolt Action player for around 15 months now!

When Warlord Games announced Beyond the Gates of Antares, my interest levels peaked. As much as I love historical gaming I also adore a good Sci-Fi setting. Having read through the beta rules and played through a couple of games I knew I was on to another winner.

I was really lucky to pick up some Algoryn at Warlord Games Day last year and I must admit it was lovely to paint something other than drab greys and greens!


I can’t wait to see where the range is going, and the renders of the new models look awesome. As an added bonus, the game is written by Rick Priestley. What more could you want?

Exciting times ahead, and I’ll be there every step of the way. Are you along for the ride too?


So gear-up and head over to the webstore!