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Battle Of The Bulge: Assault!

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With the new Battle of the Bulge campaign book readying to drop; it’s time to build your forces and drive into the heart of the allied lines!


Otto Skorzeny, famous for many exploits, cobbled together enough men and machines for 2 small battle groups known as Kampfgruppe X and Y. Some of these troops disguised as Americans with captured American vehicles caused havoc amongst the Allied lines. To help you represent these hand picked troops for your German army in the opening stages or the Battle of the Bulge we have put together these cracking little deals:

Kampfgruppe X

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This little collection represents Kampfgruppe X, within this bundle you’ll get the Ersatz Panther disguised as an M10 tank destroyer, a squad of Germans in winter gear with their Hanomag transport, and an M3 halftrack to carry the 5 ‘American uniformed’ disguised Germans with German weapons. Plenty to add flavor to your existing armies!

Kampfgruppe X


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Kampfgruppe Y

Kampfgruppe Y

This second force representing Kampfgruppe Y comprises the StuG III G with SauKopf mantlet that would have been painted in green with a US star, plus a squad of Germans in winter gear with their M3 halftrack transport, and a US Jeep to carry the 5 ‘American uniformed’ disguised Germans with German weapons. As with Kampfgruppe X this isn’t a legally pointed force on its own, but adds an excellent thematic touch to your winter battles!


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Kampfgruppe Peiper

Kampfgruppe Peiper

One of the many German battle groups to fight into the heart of the allied lines was a kampfgruppe under the command of Obersturmbannführer Peiper. Within the ranks were men of the 1st Battalion, 9th Fallschirmjäger Regiment, 3rd Fallschirmjäger Division, as seen in one of the most famous photographs of the period.
This Kampfgruppe is a totally legal force with the Tank War rules. You can also use the tank riders rules, from Armies of the Soviet Union page 25, to represent the supporting Fallschirmjäger. The complete Kampfgruppe Peiper comes with the heavy armour of a King Tiger, a Panther, a Panzer IV, and a squad of elite Fallschirmjӓger for you to convert into tank riders:


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Kampfgruppe Assault

Kampfgruppe Assault

If you prefer hunting with the big game then this Kampfgruppe is for you! Again totally legal with the Tank War rules it contains the mighty Jagdpanther, Jagdpanzer IV, and the StuG III G, completed with supporting Grenadiers in their Pioneer Halftrack:


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US 168th Combat Engineers

US 168th Combat Assault Product Picture
There were many brave defensive actions across the Ardennes but the 168th Combat engineers proved to be some of the toughest obstacles to the German advance. Read more about them here.

This set contains a totally legal army with your infantry command, 2 squads of infantry (10 metal Winter gear and 10 normal plastic so you can mix your squads, convert, and add Bazookas) , prone winter MMG team, Winter Mortar team, sandbags and a Farm House ruin to defend, plus an M10 tank destroyer for back up!


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Pre-orders now shipping for the Battle of the Bulge!

Combine a ready made force from the above selection with this book and you can re-create the iconic battles that were fought so many years ago.

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