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20% OFF US Collection Deal – This Weekend Only!

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US Pres Day

To celebrate our fine cousins in the good old US of A on their Presidents Day, we’re knocking 20% off the US model range in the Bolt Action 20% collection, for this weekend only!
US 20% banner MC
We want to show some love to our allies over the pond so for this weekend only (Friday 17th till Tuesday 21st Feb 2017 at 12pm GMT); all the Warlord range US models in the collection will be 20% off! Make sure your yanks have enough guns to stop the enemy, Europe needs your help!

Check out the small glimpse of what you can have in your army;

Uncle Sam would be proud!

There’s no such thing as not enough guns!

Going loud or going home!

Why are you still reading this? You don’t have long so make the most of it! Remember this will end on Sunday, so if you were planning that D-day US landing army, now will be the time!