Spotlight: Terrain

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While we are quite proud of our extensive miniature lines for Ancient Imperial Romans, Celts, Bolt Action WW2 , and Pike & Shotte, there’s more to Warlord than just model soldiers. We also have an extensive line of detailed tabletop scenery to add some more excitement to your wargames table. So, come along with us as we throw our scenery range into the Spotlight!

First off we have an example from our line of Imperial Roman scenery, the Imperial Roman Turf Fort:

As you can see, the turf fort is a large enough model to serve as the centrepiece for any ancient battle. Following on with the Roman theme, we have the Roman Watchtower:

This all-resin model towers (coincidentally) over the battlefield and provides an excellent place to stage a defense or to designate as an objective for the conflict. Switching over to some of Ancient Rome’s most persistent enemies, we’ve got the Large Celtic Roundhouse with Porch:

This structure is an expansive domicile fit for your Celtic Chieftain or a clan council. It also serves equally well as a target for Roman torches. If worship of dark and savage gods is more your thing, then we’ve got just the bit of scenery for you with the Celtic Temple:

The temple will serve as an ideal place to save a captured Tribune from being offered up as a sacrifice or as a rallying point for your Celtic warriors. Also, if you’re looking add a little colour and style to your Celtic battlefield, we have something a bit unusual in the for of our Celtic Monolithic Hunting Dogs:

Celts were well known to use images of animals in their sculpture and other artwork, so these excellent resin monoliths are perfect for dressing up any village. Now we move onto something a bit different but perfect for our Pike & Shotte range. If you don’t feel like doing too much work to get your scenery ready for the tabletop, how about trying one of our Painted 16th Century Barns:

This is a fully assembled and painted gaming piece, that is ready from delivery straight to the gaming table, and no need to worry about the base as it felt lined to save damage on table and scenery. We only have a few of these beautiful models in stock and once they have gone they have gone. Now we proceed straight from the 16th century over to the 20th and the ravaged battlefields of World War II. Whether you are attacking or defending the axis lines, no tabletop is truly complete without a Panzernest:

These fortified and pre-fabricated machine gun posts were used all over the European Theatre and along the Russian Front especially in and around Germany. If you’re looking for something a bit more generic, how about some resin Sandbags:

Sandbags are ideal for providing some quick cover for your infantry, or a secure emplacement for your heavy weapons teams and light artillery. Now, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our good friends the Perry Brothers. Not only do they make some of the best Napoleonics on the planet, but they have a pretty fair hand at ACW as well. For example, take a look at their all plastic North American Farmhouse:

The building in this box represents a weather board North American cabin or farmhouse. The box contains: 1 building kit, 66cm fencing, and plenty of accessories. Last and certainly not least we’d like to show off some nifty pieces of kit from our good friends at Renedra. Here’s their excellent Wooden Fences:

These great plastic sprues will allow you to add great picket and 5 bar style fences to your tabletop in a jiffy. These excellent scenery pieces are just a sample of all of the fine scenery you can find to equip your gaming table in the Terrain section of the Warlord webstore!


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