FREE gear with an Axis or Allied Desert Tank Platoon!

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Yes that’s 1 FREE Stowage or Tank Crew pack when you buy your choice of 3 tanks for war in the desert – and you’ll get 10% off the value of the  tanks as well!

Tanks in Desert

Duel In The Sun is a perfect starting point for anyone interested in the Desert campaigns of 1940-43 and on into Italy through to 1945. To help you get started with your tank collections we’ve come up with a fantastic little offer just for you.

Assembling The Forces

In Tank War you simply choose 3 vehicles to base you army around and then add to them as needed from the force selector (page11 Tank War). Generally a platoon in real life would consist of 3 to 5 vehicles of the same type, in reality this would vary due to loss in combat or repair. Typically a German platoon could often be a complete mix of vehicles types, especially later in the war as they cobbled together anything that could move and shoot!

For this deal you can pick and mix your selection of desert themed tanks, just follow the link to the store and choose your flavour of tank(s) from the drop down menus then choose the free option you want to go with them – will it be crew or gear to adorn your tank?

Allied Desert Tank Platoon



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Axis Desert Tank Platoon


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Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more tactical tips and hobby help for

Bolt Action and Tank War here!


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