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New: American War of Independence Hessian and British

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Now available to order, expand your American War of Independence (AWI) armies and bring the colonies back in line with these great additions to the forces of the crown (for more information see pages 18-27 Black Powder Rebellion! supplement).


Hessian Regiment



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As the war in America  dragged on Britain felt its small army stretched thin all around the world. King George, of German extraction looked therefore to the small kingdoms of what is now Germany to raise troops to put down the rebellion in the colonies.
Huge numbers of German troops were ferried across the Atlantic in all manner of exotic uniforms. They were from many differing States but were broadly known as “Hessians” as a catch-all phrase.
Well drilled and eager to close in battle, the Hessians helped to bulk out the Crown forces, whilst its specialist Light Infantry and Grenadier units were a welcome addition to hard pressed British generals.


  • 30 plastic Hessian Infantry:
  • 24 musketeers, fusiliers or grenadiers including command group of two officers, sergeant, drummer and two ensigns.
  • 6 light infantry Jägers.
  • 4-page background guide including fourteen full-colour flags


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Hessian Brigade



Gather an entire brigade of 90 men!

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Field Artillery


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In Europe, massed artillery was beginning to be a regular feature on the battlefield, and came at times to dominate the field. This was much less the case in America for various reasons, such as cost, availability and terrain to name but three.
That being said, there were few battles that did not feature artillery of some kind, and any General would have been very happy to have the support of medium or light guns. The guns were on the whole bravely and well served by both sides, inflicting losses at long range with bounding iron cannon balls, and using case shot – a tin of tightly-packed musket balls – at close range.
This box can be assembled and painted to represent Continental gunners, including the famous ‘Molly Pitcher’, or their opposite numbers, the Royal Artillery.
“Fire away boys!”


Contains the following plastic figures:

  • 2 cannon. Can be built as either 3-pdr or 6-pdr cannon and with British Royal Artillery Crew or Continental Army gunners
  • 1 ‘Molly Pitcher’ figure
  • 2 mounted army commanders with option of 6 heads representing some of the most famous generals of the war on both sides
  • 2 casualty figures – can be made as British or Continental
  • 4-page background guide including construction details


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Field Artillery Battery


Or create a devastating battery of 6 cannons!

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British Infantry Regiment


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The British Redcoat of the Revolutionary War was part of a small but well-trained army, stretched all over the emerging Empire. Most of England’s gold went into maintaining a giant and hugely effective Royal Navy to dominate the seas.
The infantry quickly learned many lessons in fighting the French Indian wars, and after initial setbacks proved more than capable of taking on and defeating far larger enemy forces. Devastating firepower and a grim determination to close with the bayonet made the Redcoat in America a dangerous foe indeed.
The British quickly adopted a looser fighting order and the reaped the benefits of using Light and Grenadier companies for specialist assault work.
“March on, and God save the King!”


  • 30 plastic British Infantry:
  • 24 musketeers including command group of two officers, drummer, Sergeant and two ensigns
  • 6 Light Infantry
  • 4-page background guide including twelve full-colour flags


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British Infantry Brigade


Add to your ranks with a full Brigade with 90 men

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