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In 1775 the simmering resentment of American colonists exploded into a bloody rebellion. Beginning in Boston, the conflict eventually stretched from Canada in the north to Florida in the south and lasted eight gruelling years

On one side stood the King’s redcoats and settlers loyal to their sovereign, later joined by regiments of ‘Hessian’ mercenaries.

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Ranged against them was a citizen army under the inspirational leadership of George Washington, supported by militia and eventually French troops eager to embarrass their old foe. Both sides were forced to learn new tactics for fighting in the wild terrain of North America in a conflict that saw heroism and ineptitude in equal measure.


This glorious 144-page full-colour book, written by Steve Jones describes the history, armies, personalities and battles of this conflict. Included are scenarios allowing you to recreate many of the battles of the rebellion.


Rebellion covers the full scope of the period 1775-1783 and, with Warlord Games in partnership with Wargames Factory, a new range of sets will soon be available – giving you a great way to start with both the British and the Continental armies

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Historical Background

The Forces Of The Crown

The British Army
The Loyalists
The Hessians

The Forces Of The Rebellion

New England
New York, New Jersey and Canada
The Middle Colonies
The Southern Colonies
Light Infantry
Cavalry and Legions

The French Army

The Indians

Weapons and Tactics

British and Hessian Commanders of Note

Rebel Commanders of Note

French Commanders of Note


Bunker Hill
Chatterton’s Hill
Bemis Heights
Monmouth Courthouse
Briar Creek
Hanging Rock
Weitzel’s Mill
Guildford Courthuose
Spencer’s Ordinary
Eutaw Springs
Gloucester Point

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As with all our supplements you will also receive a free special edition figure when you buy the book directly from Warlord Games – in this case the Eighteenth Century Continental Officer figure, sculpted by Alan Perry of Perry Miniatures.



A copy of the Black Powder rulebook is required to use this supplement.

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Begin your Journey into Rebellion with these fantastic Starting Armies or even team up with a club or colleague to re-fight the campaigns of the American War of Independence (AWI) with the complete Liberty Or Death!



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