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New: Woodland Indian Longhouses

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We’re following up our recent spate of Black Powder releases with a pair of resin Woodland Indian Longhouses – the ideal accessory to adorn your tabletop battlefield whether you fight the battles of the French Indian War, or perhaps the American War of Independence.


As mentioned, there are two on offer – a small house, and large.

The Small Woodland Indian Longhouse measures approximately 7in long x 4in wide x 2.75in tall


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The Large Woodland Indian Longhouse measures approximately 8.25in long x 5in wide x 3in tall


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Both models are single-piece resin casts – simply trim any excess resin feeds, and you’re ready to paint!

Longhouses were communal buildings in which fireplaces and fire pits ran down the middle for heat and for people to share as a place to cook food. They varied in size massively depending upon the size of the settlement – some could reach more than 200 feet long, 25 feet wide, and 25 feet high!

Construction began by making a frame out of long poles of wood. They then tied young trees to the frame, (trees young enough to bend and shape). Once the main structure was in place, they covered the house with bark – adding a few smoke holes and a door at each end.

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The French Indian War is named after the principle enemies of the British colonies in North America – the French colonials and their native Indian allies. Wargaming this conflict combines the ordered ranks of the line infantry shipped over from Europe by Britain and France, with the skirmishing colonials, frontiersmen and native tribes.


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To read more about the various Indian tribes involved in the conflict, see this fantastic overview by Tim Greene – or for a more in-depth look, study these three articles (part one, part two, part three) as a primer, and then dive head-first into the Warlord webstore to start your collection…



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