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We previewed the RSO on our Facebook Page a few months back, and since then we’ve received countless messages enquiring as to when it’s being released – this week, it’s ready and waiting!


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The RSO (short for Raupenschlepper Ost – or “Caterpillar Tractor East”) was a lightweight, fully tracked, German vehicle, built to solve the issue of the poor performance of wheeled vehicles in the mud and the snow on the Soviet Front.


The RSO was initially designed as a tow and supply vehicle for German artillery units – however, immediately after it was assigned to the Eastern Front, the Germans started using it for a wide variety of battlefield roles. The reliability, simplicity, ease of maintenance, flexibility, and ability to tackle almost any terrain meant that it saw action across the Eastern front.



The RSO chassis was also used as the basis of a tank hunter, mounting a PaK 40 75mm anti-tank gun, imaginatively called the RSO/PaK40. Yes, we’re making that too…

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