The largest and most powerful civilisation of the Seventh Age is The Panhuman Concord comprising almost a quarter of all the human worlds of Antarean space.

The military of the Panhuman Concord is organised and directed by a branch called the Concord Combined Command – known more commonly as C3.


The C3 Strike Squad contains a leader with plasma carbine and x-sling, 4 strike troopers with plasma carbine and a spotter drone. Also included are plastic bases and a flying stand.

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The Concord responds to threats against it with logical ruthlessness, organising and dispatching heavily armed forces throughout Antarean space.

C3 Strike Units form the core of Concord forces – and are recruited amongst all the varied human worlds that make up the Concord. Strike troopers are equipped with heavy-duty plasma weaponry and protected by hyper-light shielding, the most advanced weaponry in all of Antarean space.

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