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New: Napoleonic British Guns!

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God save the King! His most Imperial majesty has, in his infinite wisdom, seen fit to grant heavy firepower to his forces fighting on the Iberian Peninsula.

Taking the form of the 5.5 inch Howitzer, 6-pounder, and 9-pounder of the Royal Artillery the fresh troops will give Boneparte’s lackeys something to think about – huzzah!


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As you can see we have crews running back the guns or in the process of letting loose another volley.


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Those of you preferring to fight your battles in the Hundred Days Campaign will do doubt be wondering where your artillery pieces are. Stand at ease, trooper – they are on their way soon!


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So – ready the men, muster reinforcements, grab a copy of the Black Powder Rulebook, and and prepare for battle!


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If you’re looking for more details on wargaming the Peninsular War look no further than Albion Triumphant – the Peninsular War. Penned by respected Napoleonic aficionado Adrian McWalter it gives you everything you need to refight games set in this most important conflict.


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