Warlord Games on the Road in 2015!

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We at Warlord Games love nothing more than getting out and about in the community, travelling the country (and beyond!) to meet Warlord hobbyists at the countless trade shows and tournaments that take place each and (just about) every weekend of the year!

Most weeks, we ship out some of the hardier members of staff and dispatch them to events all across the globe – with a van packed with stock, and enough coffee and doughnuts to feed an army…


The rest of the year’s events look like this;

  • 21st and 22nd February – Tactica Hamburg
  • 28th February – Hammerhead Newark
  • 1st March – Overlord Abingdon
  • 5th – 8th March – Cold wars Lancaster, PA
  • 7th March – Albanich Dumfries
  • 8th March – WMMS Wolverhampton
  • 14th March – Warcon Ghent
  • 15th March – Skirmish Kent
  • 21st March – Call to Muster Middlesborough
  • 19th – 22nd March – Adepticon Chicago, IL
  • 29th March – Cannon Retford
  • 25th April – Salute London
  • 2nd May – Legionnary Exeter
  • 3rd May – Diceni Norwich
  • 9th May – Carronade Falkirk
  • 9th and 10th May – Campaign Milton Keynes
  • 15th – 17th May – Huzzah! South Portland, ME
  • 16th and 17th May – Triples Sheffield
  • 23rd May – Wappinshaw Glasgow
  • 29th – 31st May – UK Games Expo Birmingham
  • 31st May – Partizan Newark
  • 4th – 7th June – Origins Columbus, OH
  • 6th and 7th June – USGD Oklahoma
  • 13th June – Phalanx St. Helens
  • 14th June – Broadside Sittingbourne
  • 14th June – Valhalla Farnborough
  • 4th and 5th July – Battlegroup South Bovington
  • 12th July – Stafford Show Stafford
  • Date TBA – Stoke Challange Stoke
  • 16th – 19th July – Historicon Fredericksburg, VA
  • 18th and 19th July – Attack Devises
  • 30th July – 2nd August – Gencon with E-Figures Indianapolis
  • 1st August – Claymore Edinburgh
  • 7th – 9th August – Britcon Manchester
  • Date TBA – Warlord Games Day Nottingham
  • 5th September – Border Reiver Gateshead
  • 6th September – The Other Partizan Newark
  • 12th September – Colours Newbury
  • 19th September – Dragondaze Newport
  • 26th September – Conquest Brighton
  • 3rd and 4th October – Derby Worlds Derby
  • 11th October – SELWG London
  • 8th – 11th October – Spiele Essen
  • 25th October – Fiasco Leeds
  • 31st October – Crisis Antwerp
  • 5th – 8th October – Fall In Lancaster, PA
  • 14th – 15th November – Warfare Reading
  • 28th November – Battleground North Middlesborough
  • 29th November – Wargamer Birmingham
  • 29th November – Reveille Bristol
  • 5th December – Dragonmeet London
  • 5th December – Recon Pudsey

Please keep watching the Newsletter and Events Page for more details, and for any additional shows which might squeeze their way onto the calendar!

derby tournament pic

A few words from our show co-ordinator, Andrew Chesney

We are planning on going to all 58 of the above shows this year. So if you are an event organiser and haven’t heard from us please drop us a line. Also if you are planning to run ANY Warlord Games games at any of these shows then feel free to also contact us so we can make sure you get the support you need as well as being listed on our events pages.

Pre-Orders: We try to take as much of the Warlord range as possible but with over 3500 products there’s always some things we can’t bring. To be sure you get exactly what you want delivered to you directly at any of these events then please follow a few simple steps:

Call us here in the UK on 0115 978 0386 or

Email us at or

Place the order on the web store as usual, just ensure you change your DELIVERY ADDRESS to PICK UP AT “INSERT EVENT HERE”.

Ranges: As well as all the amazing Warlord products we are the exclusive distributors for SARISSA PRECISION and FOOTSORE MINIATURES. Sarissa produce 100s of fantastic laser cut buildings, terrain pieces and much much more. Footsore produce 28mm Dark Age to Black Powder age armies as well as being a re-incarnation of Musketeer Miniatures, so all of those ranges are available again too! Their ranges can be checked here:


Contact details for any and all show correspondence:

I hope to catch you at one of the shows this year!!