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Pre-order: Concord Strike Force Starter Army Deal

The Concord are the largest and most powerful Panhuman civilisation of the Seventh Age – having colonised almost a quarter of all the known human worlds in Antarean space.

The military arm of the Concord is organised and directed by a branch called the C3 (or Concord Combined Command,) and they responds to threats with logical ruthlessness – dispatching heavily armed forces throughout Antarean space.

Headed by Strike Commanders, C3 Strike Units form the bulk of Concord forces – backed-up by Support Teams – the Concord have access to the most advanced weaponry in all of Antarean space – with their standard Strike Troopers going to battle armed with heavy-duty plasma weaponry and protected by advanced hyper-light shielding.


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The ‘Concord Strike Force Starter Army Deal’ contains everything you need to get started with your collection:

  • 1 x Command Squad Strike Commander, 2 Strike Troopers, Spotter
  • 1 x C3 Strike Squad firing Strike Leader, 4 Strike Troopers, Spotter
  • 1 x C3 Strike Squad advancing Strike Leader, 4 Strike Troopers, Spotter
  • 1 x C3 Support Team with X-Launcher 2 Strike Trooper crew, Spotter
  • 1 x C3 Support Drone with Plasma Light Support Weapon Drone, Spotter
  • 5 x Olive Green order dice

This provides you with a strong, balanced force to start exploring the Beyond the Gates of Antares rules set. Of course, there will be more to come for the Concord in the future so you’ll find plenty more variety to add to this core force.

We’ll be regularly dipping into the Beyond the Gates of Antares Facebook page to showcase some of our favourite painted models, battle reports, conversions, background, and whatever else we might find – so be sure to join the group and let us know about your ventures into the Antarean universe!

So gear-up and head over to the webstore!