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New: Polish 10th Motorised Brigade Squad

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Supporting the recent publication of the new Bolt Action supplement covering the early war in Europe, Germany Strikes!, these new metal Polish troops are a part of the ‘Black Brigade’ – one of the most famous units of the Polish Army during World War II.

Many gamers think every soldier in the Black Brigade wore the distinctive black leather jackets that gave the division its nickname but in reality only the officers, NCOs and motorcycle troops wore the black (to coin a phrase from A Game of Thrones!).


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Commanded by the brave and intelligent General Maczek, the 10th were led into many defensive battles as German panzers swept into Poland in 1939. The Black Brigade were a unique unit that were being developed and trained by the Polish high command when war erupted.

The division was composed of infantry and artillery with supporting arms of engineers, artillery, anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns, whilst also boasting tanks, tankettes and lorried infantry. This flexible and hard hitting force fought German mechanized, armoured and mountain troops to a standstill on many occasions.
The 10th Motorised Division fought so skillfully that, rather than surrender, they escaped across the border to Hungary, from whence their survivors went on to carry the fight to the Germans in France before forming the 1st Polish Armoured Division.

Ready to make the German invaders pay for every inch of Polish soil in blood, these doughty fighters will make a potent addition to your force.

This Box Set contains a 10-man Polish 10th Motorised Brigade Squad:
• 1 NCO with rifle
• 1 soldier with automatic rifle
• 8 riflemen

In Bolt Action

Cost: 60pts (Regular), 78pts (Veteran)

Composition: 1 NCO and 5 Men

Weapons: Rifles

– Add up to 4 additional men with rifles at +10pts each (Regular) or +13pts each (Veteran)
– Up to 1 man can be armed with a wz.30 LMG for +20pts. Another man in the squad becomes the loader


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Keep your eyes peeled – there are more releases on the way for early war armies in the coming weeks and months…