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New: Freeborn Domari Squad and X-Launcher team

Following the first sightings of Freeborn troops in last Friday’s Warlord Newsletter, Beyond the Gates of Atares’ latest faction is now bolstered with several new releases on sale now

The Freeborn are the traders, raiders, explorers and the ultimate go-betweens of Antarean space. The Freeborn are divided into hundreds of independent space-borne Vardos, each ruled over by a noble family. These rulers are the first amongst an aristocracy that vies for power, riches and influence within their own society as well as amongst the multitudinous civilisations around them.

Of the many commodities in which the Freeborn trade, the most famous of all are mercenaries. The opportunity to fight as mercenaries represents a long and profitable tradition amongst the ordinary people of the Vardo. To many worlds of Antarean space they are little more than pirates: to others they are saviours and liberators. When called upon they flock to join the ranks. Many a Freeborn family fortune has been built upon the plunder of war and the rewards of victory.

Freeborn Domari Squad (Household Troops)


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Domari – or Household troops – make up the bulk of the Freeborn forces. They are recruited amongst the lower orders of free citizens. Troopers are often equipped at their own expense, or that of their family, so the appearance and quality of their clothing and weaponry can vary. Reflex armour fields are embedded into a body-hugging combat undersuit. Other clothing is characteristically styled to be loose and flowing – a fashion that is universally favoured amongst the Freeborn.

The majority of troopers carry mag weapons because they are practical and durable. Squads also have an X-launcher capable of hurling explosive shot to dislodge enemies from cover.

This Box Set contains the following metal models:

– 1 Domari leader with mag pistol
– 4 Domari Troopers with mag guns
– 1 Domari trooper with micro X-launcher
– 1 Spotter Drone
– 1 Beyond the Gates of Antares Orders Dice

Freeborn X-launcher Team


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An X-Launcher is a portable magnetic launcher that hurls explosive missiles, bombs, or special munitions packages, such as Arc, Blur, Scramble, and Scoot.

They are bulky weapons, and their regular explosive ammunition resists full compression due to the charge. They are of limited value on the battlefield unless they can be emplaced or setup in a static position. However, they are excellent for lobbing shots onto fixed targets. The bombs themselves are usually guided either by internal sensors or by means of mobile targeting probes. The standard X ammunition contains high-concussion explosives. The ‘X’ simply standing for ‘explosive’. The smallest X-slinger version shoots a micro-bomb and is often built into a wrist-mounted unit, or it can be sub-mounted onto another weapon or device.

This set contains the following metal models:

– 2 Freeborn support crew
– 1 X-launcher
– 1 Spotter Drone

Freeborn Starter Army Deal



We have also gathered together an army deal, containing all of the core Freeborn units – aimed to get you started in the Antarian universe. The Army Deal is currently a Pre-order item, which is due to start shipping shortly – and comprises of the following:

– 1 x Freeborn Command Squad: Commander, 2 Vardanari Guard, Spotter drone
– 1 x Freeborn Vardanari Guard Squad: Vardanari Leader, 5 Vardanari Guard, Spotter drone
– 1 x Freeborn Domari Squad: Domari Leader, 5 Domari, Spotter drone
– 1 x Freeborn Support Weapon Team: Mag Light support, 2 Freeborn crew, Spotter drone
– 1 x Freeborn Support Weapon Team: X-launcher, 2 Freeborn crew, Spotter drone
– 5 x Light Blue order dice
– 1 x Copy of the printed Antares Beta rulebook (while stocks last!)