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New: Special Endoskeletons

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The Special Endoskeletons are, somewhat appropriately, being cast in white metal and they’re here now! The pack includes three metal Endoskeletons to bolster the forces of Skynet, namely:

Command Endoskeleton

Equipped with a command array, plasma rifle and advanced sensors – the Commando Endoskeleton is perfectly equipped to lead your forces, increase their machine-like efficiency, and override the vagaries of Fate.

Special Endo 2
Dual Wield Endoskeleton

Fresh from the Warlord forges and armed with two Plasma Rifles, this killing machine can target two independent enemy models each turn, and at short range he has twice the firepower of a normal Endoskeleton.

Special Endo 3

Endoskeleton with Plasma Gun

We’ve also included a new version of the normal Endoskeleton – equipped with a Plasma Gun. This new pose will also appeal to those of you who prefer their Endoskeletons with big hitting power!

Special Endo 1



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Expand your War on the Machines with these reinforcements – and keep watching the Warlord webstore for more releases coming soon. The fate of the human race depends on it…


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