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Focus: Plastic Anti-tank Obstacles

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This superb plastic terrain set contains a variety of tank traps as well as barbed wire barriers, adding a realistic look to your Bolt Action battlefields:


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The development of fast-moving reliable tanks led to many ideas of how to slow or destroy them. Large shaped blocks of concrete, strengthened with a steel core, often called Dragon’s Teeth were a good way to block a vehicle’s progress.


Equally, infantry had to be stopped or channelled away, so engineers on all sides were kept busy constructing wooden and steel frames that held long rolls of taught barbed wire, solid enough to keep away all but the most determined men.

This boxed set contains 38 concrete ‘Dragon’s Teeth’ anti-tank obstacles, 9 barbed wire barriers and 3 metres of barbed wire.

This makes for a great added dimension to your games – can your combat pioniers pave the way for your force to cross the obstacles? Or will the enemy succeed in staving off your armoured thrust?

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