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Free Models & Massive Prize Draw!

Last month it was Soviets – this month it’s the Germans!

Free Figures!

Throughout March, we’re giving away a free German miniature with every customer order over £50.00/$80.

ostfront-free-germanSo – for a very limited time – we present the German Ostfront Command, containing a German Radio Operator, Wounded Tank Crew, Officer, and Medic.

Massive Prize Draw!

But that’s not all – every single person that places an order this month (including everyone who’s ordered already!) will be in with a chance to win this huge Ostfront prize bundle of Warlord Games and Sarissa Precision products, worth over £400:

Three Sarissa Factory sets – don’t worry, these will be on sale soon!

  • 1 x Sarissa Tank Large Factory
  • 1 x Sarissa Tank Factory Office Workshop
  • 1 x Sarissa Tank Factory Power Plant

Two armoured Infantry sets

  • 1 x Soviet Winter Infantry Company Deal
  • 1 x Panzergrenadier Boxed Set

Three German Tanks

  • 1 x plastic Panther
  • 1 x plastic Panzer IV
  • 1 x plastic Tiger I

Three Soviet Tanks

  • 2 x plastic T34/76
  • 1 x plastic T34/85

Both Ostfront Command groups

  • 1 x Ostfront Command
  • 1 x German Ostfront Command

Bolt Action rulebook & Tank War

  • 1 x Tank War Book (signed by Alessio Cavatore & Rick Priestley)
  • 1 x Bolt Action Rulebook (signed by Alessio Cavatore & Rick Priestley)