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Pre-Order: Concord Support Force with X-Howitzer!

Following last week’s release of the Algoryn, Boromite, and Freeborn Combat Forces – this week we have EVEN MORE Antares forces on their way in the form of Support Force bundles for the Concord and Ghar!

Pre-Order Your Support Force

We’ve designed this Support Force as the perfect add-on to the Concord Combined Command Starter Army box set. Introducing the brand new X-Howitzer to add some real hard-hitting punch to your army!

Concord Support Force


Working with the Combat Force 1000 point army as a starting point you can use the 5 Drop Troopers from there as a command and add in a new squad of drop troopers with the option to upgrade with a full complement of plasma lances. Start your strike wing with the new C3 Interceptor Squad – if you already have one then make this your command squad and expand your armies Support options. Heavy artillery rounds off the selection in the form of the X-Howitzer, giving you your first Strategic choice! All up you should easily be able to field a full 1500 point Offensive Force in no time!

  • 1 x Drop Troop Squad Box Set
  • 1 x Individual Drop Trooper (a random figure from the 3 standard Drop Troopers)
  • 1 x Interceptor Squad Box Set
  • 1 x X-Howitzer Box Set


Pre-Order in Store


Look out for more individuals soon…


Concord Combined Command Starter Army