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New: Citroen Civilian Coach

Citroen Civilian Coaches were regularly commandeered or repurposed as troop transports by the French army despite lacking any significant protection for the occupants. Following the fall of France the Germans also made good use of these as they carried their fight into Africa, Italy and the Soviet Union…

WGB-FI-116-Citroen-Civilian-Coach-aWould you prefer to travel across the hundreds of miles of Russian steppes or the baking sun of the Western Desert in an uncomfortable halftrack or in style in a coach? The German landser wasn’t stupid – he’d prefer this comfortable ride to walking or siting in the back of an open Opel Blitz any day!
Use this vehicle in place of a troop transport and add something a little different your your army! The coach is also a perfect addition to games in Pulp settings and the Very British Civil War…

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