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Legends of the Ostfront: Sgt Steiner

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With the impending release of our second Theatre Book, ‘Ostfront’ – we cornered our resident Italian rulessmith, Alessio Cavatore and forced asked him very kindly to create some rules to make use of the exclusive ‘Cross of Iron’ miniature supplied FREE when the book is purchased direct through the Warlord webstore or at the many shows we attend…

These optional rules will add a little twist to your games as you battle your way through the up-coming Ostfront Theatre Book. Please give them a go, have fun with them, and let us know your thoughts on the Forum!

Rolf Steiner

Steiner is a fictional character, whose exploits are brought to life by the acting of James Coburn in the 1977 film ‘Cross of Iron’ (an absolute must watch for any wargamer!).

Coburn as SteinerRules for Sgt Steiner in Bolt Action

This Sergeant leads a squad of grizzled Eastern Front veterans. They are a fearsome lot, who have learnt every close-quarter dirty trick in the book. They fear and respect Steiner above all and would follow him to hell and back, but they also share the Sergeant’s utter contempt for the officer class.

Cost: +50pts

Team: Steiner is not a team, but instead may be added to one of your Heer Veteran Infantry or Heer Veteran Grenadier squads, replacing their normal NCO, for the cost listed above.

Weapons: sub machine gun


Special Rules:

As long as Steiner is alive, his squad receives the following special rules:

Terrifying presence: Steiner and his men count as Tough Fighters, and when the unit charges into close quarters, the target unit may never react, regardless of the range of the charge.

Hate all officers! Steiner confers a +1 Morale bonus to his squad (and only to them!) as long as they are out of range of any friendly officer. However, when in range of a friendly officer, not only does Steiner’s bonus not apply, but the officer’s Morale bonus is actually counted as a penalty (e.g. –1 for a 2nd lieutenant, –3 for a Captain, etc.). Finally, if the unit rolls a Fubar, it will automatically Fire at the highest-ranking friendly officer they can see.


Steiner would make an excellent addition to a unit of our recently released Veteran Grenadiers!


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The special edition ‘Cross of Iron’ miniature of Steiner is FREE with every copy of Ostfront purchased direct through the Warlord Games webstore!


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