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Peter Motas is a name we are all coming to recognise for fabulously detailed and inspirational work, Better for us all is that he loves to share knowledge and here is his guide on how he achieves such effective results:

By Peter Motas

Hey guys,

I’m back with another tutorial with a focus on some winter themed camo. I will be focusing on some autumn oakleaf and Italian camo parka.

The figures I will be using for this guide are the excellent new metal winter SS.

Right, so here we go.

I start off by priming them in black AK175 and then some highlights with AK177, using my airbrush (Evolution Silverline from Harder & Steenbeck).

I then get all the base colours on and also use some AK8017 as base texture.

After the face is painted I move over to the fur part of the parka.
Base colour is Vallejo 821 German Camo Beige which I wash using Citadel agrax earthshade. For the highlighting I go back to the basecolour Vallejo 821 and start mixing in some ivory AK3028.
Depending on how bright you want it you can choose how much Ivory you use. I went for quite a bright fur in this case and mixed aprox 70/30 Ivory to Vallejo 821.

It’s now time to work on some autumn oakleaf. We start with the base colour AK3051 for the cap and the trousers.We start by washing it with Citadel agrax eartshade.We then highlight it with the base colour AK3051.
Next step is to do some dark spots using AK3053. I apply the spots in a dabbing motion with my Winsor and Newton series 7 miniature series size 000 brush.

Its now time to add some orange spots inside the dark spots we just did, using AK3054. I´m still dabbing the paint on to get the irregular shape.

When Im happy with the orange spots I go back to the dark spots AK3053 and add some dots to the pattern.
We finish the camo off by adding Brown spots with AK3055. The brown spots should not touch any of the other coloured spots.

After the oakleaf is finished we move on to the white clothing.
Base is AK3005 Grey Brown. We work up the brightness adding Ivory, until we just use pure ivory as the brightest highlights.

It’s now time to work on the Italian camo parka. I´ve used a picture of a repro product, as I thought it showed the pattern good.

We start with the base colour AK3115, which we then wash using Citadel agrax earthshade. We highlight it using the base colour AK3115.
Next step is to start working on the pattern by adding patches of AK3031.

Last step is to add smaller lighter patches inside the patches we just did. The brighter patches should not be in contact with the base colour of the parka. We use
AK 3112 to add the brighter patches.

I will also show colours used for the dark green parka.
Base colour is Vallejo 71.016 US Dark green which we wash with Citadel athonian camoshade ( might as well use agrax earthshade ). We highlight it by mixing in some AK3028 Ivory.
We also add some dark earth pigments from Mig Ammo to the trousers.

I also tried a new approach to do some weathered wood for the rifle. This isn´t a fast way of painting the wood but I thought it was a cool effect if you are after a rough look.

We start with base colour AK782 and add some irregular grains with AK780.After that is done we use a matt varnish AK183 by brush. Next step is to use an enamel wash
AK 263. Let the wash dry and then use some white spirit AK011 and start to rub off some of the wash to get brighter areas in the wood. When im happy with the pattern
I let it fully dry before I use AK262 brown wood filter to tie it all together a bit. Finish of by matt varnishing the wood.

We finish the figures by adding some black lining to make some details pop and paint other details such as buttons etc.

Ok, so now to the final step, bases.

I´ve used foliage in a late autumn theme. For the snow, I´ve used AK8011 straight from the jar.

We add the foliage first using PVA glue. When it has set we add the snow.

All done guys!

Let me know what you think of the guide and also give suggestions on what guide you would like me to do next time.

If you would like to see more of my work please visit my FB page PM Painting or my Instagram Myt4z.

Peter M

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