Webstore: New: Bocage set 4 – Gun Emplacements

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This set contains 5 pre-painted and ready to go terrain pieces from Mandertory Miniatures for Bolt Action games fought across the European Theatre. All you need to do is plug the trees into the hedgerows and you’re ready to set up your battlefield!

These highly detailed, ready to play hedgerows are perfect for recreating the dense, claustrophobic Bocage as the Germans fought a rearguard action against the Allied invasion on D-Day and beyond.

This particular set is perfect for recreating the attack by the US Airborne on the guns at Brécourt Manor (6 June 1944) during the U.S. parachute assault of the Normandy Invasion of World War II (this action is often cited as a classic example of small-unit tactics and leadership in overcoming a larger enemy force – was depicted in the classic series ‘Band of Brothers.’).

Each section is a finely-detailed pre-painted resin hedgerow with attached clump foliage and separate trees (easier to store!)

Bocage is a high bank of earth and stones with hedges and trees growing up through them. Over time the stones are entangled in foliage making them a very difficult to penetrate obstacle and the perfect environment for the forces of the Third Reich to punish the incoming Allies! So much so that an American engineer developed a hedgerow cutter that would bear his Warlord Gamesame. The Cullin Prong was fitted to the front of tanks, so they could take on the enemy lurking in cover behind these all but impenetrable natural obstacles by bursting through and allowing the accompanying infantry to engage

This set contains 40 inches of Bocage and emplacement comprising:

  • 1x 13 inch straight with gun emplacement
  • 1x 15 inch corner gun emplacement section
  • 1x 6 inch trench section
  • 2x 3 inch trench end pieces
  • 2x trees
  • The emplacements are 4 inches deep and at least 4 inches wide. The end pieces are designed not only to close off the trench emplacement, but also so that you can butt other pieces of bocage from sets 1-3 upto them to allow you to continue your fields.

    Prepainted and designed to be used straight from the box. (figure for scale only, not included)