Webstore: Battlefield Objectives – Bunker Assault

The Germans have dug in deep and set their tank traps will they be able to halt the tide of Allied forces arrayed against them? To aid in their desperate defence the Germans have created cunning strategies and a layered defensive position, well camouflaged could these make the difference between victory and defeat?

This set contains:

1 Resin and Metal Bunker with 5cm Kwk39 AT Gun

2 Resin quarter circle Sandbag Emplacements

1 Set of hard plastic Anti-tank Obstacles (includes 28mm barbed wire)

1 Resin and Metal Panzer Nest

1 Set of Resin Shell holes & Craters

And not to forget with each Battlefield Objective set we’ll include our special objective markers Hanz Hoch as a POW with Partisan escort absolutely FREE