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Warlords of Erehwon: A Red Sun Rises!

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This week, we’ve got an exciting new release for Warlords of Erehwon! From the east, a new force appears on the horizon – the ferocious Samurai!

This list is inspired by the days of the Samurai and by the films, comic books and numerous games that feature the famous warrior-caste of medieval Japan. Of course, ours is a fantasy warband, so we shall take our cue from the heroic portrayal that features so vividly in martial-arts cinema rather than attempt a strictly realistic representation.

That said, as with all of our selectors this list is drawn very broadly, enabling players to assemble a force with historical roots or something more obviously drawn from pure fantasy. How far you wish to stick to a realistic portrayal is up to you: enthusiasts may wish to demonstrate their mastery of the subject by drawing deeply upon the culture of medieval Japan. Those less invested in the history of the orient may be happy to take the Mikado as their model and the Grand Pooh-Bah as their Warlord.

Download the latest version of the Samurai Warband here: Erehwon Samurai List

Whatever your choice, we imagine the people of our mythical east living in a feudal culture dominated by a
proud warrior caste. Its haughty rulers and nobles are deeply sensitive about their honour and conscious of their status amongst their peers. A lack of deference or failure to show proper respect to a noble’s deeds or titles may be enough to spark a war and send thousands to their graves.

The peasantry, on the other hand, are heavily burdened by responsibilities, bound by obligations to their masters, and their lives readily expended upon a whim. It is a land divided by rival warlords – Daimyo – the heads of powerful and venerable clans. The Daimyo hold vast swathes of territory and vie with each other to become the chief warlord or Shogun. These competing warlords battle amongst themselves and against roaming bands of brigands, dispossessed monks and the numerous evil spirits that infest the land.


This fantastic range has been revitalised by the addition of new sculpts, packed full of dynamic and characterful miniatures, that sit alongside the plastic sets already available in our Pike & Shotte range.


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If you want to add these units to your Pike & Shotte army, you can find stats for them here: Pike-and-Shotte-Samurai-Army!


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