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New: Waffen-SS Shocktrooper Squad

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Germany’s elite have regrouped and restocked and are prepared for the weird war they’ve been thrown into.

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Fielding a Rift-tech designed exoskeleton weapon frame that improves weapon handling and accuracy, enhanced sights, including night vision, and body armour, Shocktroopers are some of the best-equipped infantry that Germany fields in 1947. Standard weaponry includes the Stg44 assault rifle and MG44 machine gun which is complemented by disposable panzerfausts and rifle grenades.

In keeping with their ample personal equipment, all Shocktrooper regiments are fully mechanised to ensure they can keep up with the SS Panzer Divisions they support. The final piece of the SS Shocktrooper armoury is their training, designed to ensure they can go toe to toe with anything they face.

Set contains 10x highly detailed metal models

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For the Fatherland!

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