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Andy Zeck gets his paintbrush and stopwatch out to get these Marines done in double time!

Hey Guys – Jamie here! I am sure many of you are already familiar with the work of Andy Zeck, from our forums and the Bolt Action Facebook Group! He kindly offered to send us some speed paint tutorials: to allow us to get our figures on the table quickly and pleasingly! If you have an article idea I would love to hear it, contact me at

Over to Andy!

Andy: Hi all,

being a huge fan of the Bolt Action plastics, I have over the last few years accumulated a fair number of figures for all sorts of armies which ultimately leads to the question of how to paint them all considering the average lifespan of a human being.

In other words, I am always looking for a way to painting things quickly and with a fairly limited number of colours but still making sure to get the characteristics of the particular military unit’s appearance right.

I also prefer for whatever strange reason to use paints from a single range. Being probably the only person in the world who doesn’t prefer dropper bottles, so I prefer using the GW/ Citadel range of paints. I will be doing a number of tutorials beginning with this USMC!

I usually start with a colour primer to speed things up and in this case, I tried the new Death Guard Green:

The skin areas follow next, Cadian Skintone.

Webbing, dangling helmet straps and gaiters in Karak Stone.

Rifle Sling, bayonet and K-bar handles Dryad Bark, helmet cover and anything camo Nurgling Green.

The Garand, K-bar sheath, overslung helmet strap, shoes and brown camo spots are Gorthor Brown.

Green camo spots Deathworld Forest.

Metal parts are Leadbelcher

That’s all the base colours done!

The next step is the wash. Shoes and rifle as well as K-bar and bayonet with Nuln Oil, everything else Agrax Earthshade. Go light on the helmet cover and ground sheet as you don’t want to obscure the ‘intricate’ (albeit heavily simplified) camouflage 😉.

Lastly the highlights and the base.

Of course, you could really go to town here but remember the legions of other figures that need to be painted.

So I always keep it simple and just highlight the base colours again to lighten the original colour leaving all recesses darker.

Except for the face, here I highlight with Cadian Skintone followed by Kislev Flesh and an extreme highlight with The Flayed One Flesh.
You can use your own preferred basing method, I use coloured sand, that way I don’t need to paint and just use some static grass, a good coat of matt varnish (I use Winsor&Newton Professional Matt Varnish) and you’re done!

This might not win any prizes but with a little practice you can make your minis look good AND you can have a finished Army in no time.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to drop me a pm over at the forums! My user name is Suetonius Paullinus.



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