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Updated: Bolt Action Tournament Pack Template

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Bolt Action games designer, Alessio Cavatore introduces an updated pack for our Bolt Action Tournament, which includes two key differences from the previous version…

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It’s a Template

The first difference is that the document is not a pdf, but a Word (.doc) file. This is an important difference, as it allows you to easily modify it and adapt it to your needs. It is for the same reason that we call it a ‘template’ – we would like you to see this as a set of helpful guidelines rather than hard and fast rules.

The rules and scheduling presented in this document capture the way we at Warlord Games prefer to run our Bolt Action tournaments. So, if you organize a tournament and choose to use this template just at it is, without altering it, you are effectively running a tournament ‘our way’. This of course has a certain value of ‘togetherness’, ensuring a common standard across different clubs and events for gamers that like to travel.

However, as we recognize that this is a free hobby and that different clubs/stores may want or need to change the event to suit the preferences of their community, we decided to label the document as a ‘template’ and release it as a free Word document.


Army Lists

The second difference is more technical. After listening to the feedback we received from the community at large, we decided to abandon the idea of limiting the forces to a maximum of 12 dice – this was felt to be too restrictive.

Instead, what we are trying in this newer version of the tournament rules, is the simple “1 platoon per 500 points” rule. This provides a certain balance between the size/structure of the armies and the total points values, as well as helping to limit the worst cases of min-maxing of tournament armies. We believe this way your games should be more balanced and enjoyable.

Following the ‘template’ spirit explained above, feel free to ignore this guideline and go with whatever suits your own ideas instead. However, if you do give it a go, I would love to get your feedback on our forums or, even better, on the Bolt Action facebook page, which I review weekly.