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Andy Singleton of VolleyFire Painting fame has been running a fantastic series called Operation Sand Dune via the blog ‘The Brit, the Yank, and the Hobby‘. It was whilst working on a Tiger I and Churchill’s for his forces that a Bolt Action scenario popped into his head and it just had to be shared!


Andy: as part of the ‘Operation Sand Dune’ series I thought it might be fun to come up with a simple scenario for club nights or a beer and nuts session of gaming. This scenario is (very, very) loosely inspired by the disabling and subsequent capture of Tiger 131 in Tunisia in 1943.


Tiger 131 currently resides at Bovington Tank Museum, Dorset UK, and has undergone a full restoration to full running order.
Originally in service with 3 Platoon (Troop), 1 Kompanie, Schwere Panzer Abteilung 504, it was captured by 48 RTR, A Squadron, 4 Troop, at Djebel Djaffa, Tunisia, on 21st April 1943.

Tiger 131 was the first Tiger to be captured intact by British or U.S. forces when it was knocked out in the final month of the Tunisian campaign. It arrived in Tunisia some time between 22nd March and 16th April 1943 and was involved in an action with 48 RTR near Medjez-el-Bab on 21 April 1943. It knocked out two Churchills but a shot from another’s six pounder stuck the gun mantlet, and although unable to penetrate the tank’s thick armour, jammed the turret and wounded the commander (this damage is still visible on the mantlet, superstructure front plate and turret lifting boss). The crew abandoned the tank and it was recovered the next day.


The Tiger Hunt Scenario

Please note this is not intended to be a historical re fight, nor is it meant to be a balanced scenario. It is purely a game to be played for entertainment and the challenge of hunting, or being hunted, by a Tiger.

This scenario would work particularly well with a player in command of each tank, with 3 on the British side and the German player in command of the Tiger.


The Year is 1943, the Germans have deployed their new Tiger heavy tank to the area, and the allies are out to destroy or disable the tank in any way possible. To this end, a troop of Churchill MK III’s have advanced, and waiting for them is the feared Tiger tank…

British Forces:

German Force:

Table set up

The terrain should be fairly dense to allow plenty of cat and mouse hunting, I’ve included an image of suggested set up (We’ve used a brown blanket over books to create the undulating Tunisian terrain). Once the terrain is laid out to all players’ satisfaction, each side rolls a dice. The highest scoring player may then choose a side to deploy on.



All the British forces are deployed first, with the German player deploying after the British forces are in place. Models may be placed up to 12” into the table along the long table edge.


The British player’s sole objective is to destroy the Tiger. The Tiger’s objective is to hunt down the 3 Churchill’s. Play the game for 6 turns, if the Tiger is still alive at the end of 6 turns the game is a draw.



Hunt the Tiger mini game

Whilst you’re waiting for the weekend and a chance to play Andy’s scenario why not sit back and have a go with this cool interactive mini game:


Hunt the Tiger mini game

How To Play

1. Turn up your volume – it’s more fun with the sound on!

2. Click the PLAY NOW button.

3. Somewhere on the grid of squares is a German Tiger tank, lying in ambush. Click anywhere on the grid to fire a shot at that square. The game will give you clues as to how close you are. The aim is to get a direct hit with as few shots as possible.

Now get your tanks on the move!


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