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New: Viking Accessories

Adorn your raiding party with numerous different designs of shields and banners as you conquer the world. Viking Shield Designs 1) View in Store This sheet holds 12 diverse shield transfers each up to 14mm in diameter. Viking Shield Designs 2 View in Store This sheet holds 12 diverse shield transfers each up to 14mm…

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Focus: Viking Raiders!

Viking raiders! The cry goes out across the land as the long ships are sighted! Led by the Viking Harald Steptoesson aboard his mighty long ship, the Hirdmen charge into victorious battle! View in Store You’ll find Harald gracing the cover of our Hail Caesar Army Lists book, this superbly sculpted Viking was named following a competition…

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New: Plastic Viking Longship!

Have we got a surprise for you! We now have a 1:50 scale plastic Viking Longship kit by Revell available. Ideal for landing your Gripping Beast plastic Vikings ashore! From the end of the eighth century AD, Vikings originating from Scandinavia regularly appeared in Great Britain and on the European mainland on raiding expeditions in…

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Now Available! Plastic Viking Hirdmen

The first in a line of Dark Ages plastic sets from Gripping Beast, this new box set contains enough hard-plastic parts to assemble 44 Viking Hirdmen armed with swords, spears, hand-axes and Dane axes. Hairy, berserk, and utterly brutal, these excellent plastic Vikings will lay waste to your opponents on the tabletop! Formed from the…

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