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Shield Wall – The Vikings Starter

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Shield Wall has hit the shelves – grab your copy in this great offer with all you need to get started with the Vikings Starter range of figures…

Start your Shield Wall Saxon army here:

Expand to new lands and raid across Britannia with a full Viking army, wage war for the Norse Gods with the Shield Wall rules for Hail Caesar!

This Complete Starter set includes:

  • Shield Wall – The Dark Age Sagas volume I (with FREE book figure)
  • 3 Viking Warlord characters
  • Shield Wall – The Vikings Starter (with 133 men, shield designs and banners)
  • 12 generic Dark Ages cavalry

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Research your enemy in Shield Wall – The Dark Age Sagas volume I

101010066 Shield Wall The Dark Age Sagas Volume 1

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Shield Wall is a supplement for Hail Caesar which introduces the main battles, armies and personalities of the Dark Ages in the British Isles from around 400AD up to 1000AD.

In addition to the traditional Hail Caesar massed battles, the supplement introduces rules for smaller scale engagements between warbands as reflects much of this period. Shield Wall also contains campaign rules and several linked scenarios ­– from Badon Hill to Brunanburh.

The army lists are included for Limitanei, early and late Saxons, Romano-British, Welsh-Cymru, Irish, Picts, Gaels, Vikings and Irish-Norse.

A copy of the Hail Caesar rulebook is required to use this supplement

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