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Hail Caesar, The Dark Age Sagas

Hail Casear: Anglo-Saxon Thegns

Standing shoulder to shoulder in the shield wall, the thegns of Anglo-Saxon England fought to defend both king and country! Unit Type: Clash: Sustain: Short Range: Long Range:  Morale Save: Stamina: Special: Heavy Infantry Thegns 7 7 3 0 4+ 6 – The word thegn means soldier or retainer. Like the knights of the later feudal period,…

Hail Caesar, The Dark Age Sagas

Spotlight: Viking Ulfhednar

Our Viking Berserker unit is inducting some new members to their blood-crazed ranks. Clad in wolf pelts, the Viking Ulfhednar are the perfect addition to any raiding party! I’ll ask of the berserks, you tasters of blood, Those intrepid heroes, how are they treated, Those who wade out into battle? Wolf-skinned they are called. In battle They bear…

Hail Caesar, The Dark Age Sagas

New: Plastic Dark Age Cavalry

View in Store This box contains all the parts to assemble 12 plastic cavalrymen plus bases They can be used to represent any unarmoured cavalry of the period from around 300AD to approx 800AD including Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Vandals, Franks, Germans, Heruls, Lombards and loads more. Parts from this box are compatible with many parts from…

Hail Caesar, Latest Products, The Dark Age Sagas

New: Viking Hirdmen

Begin your Viking army here with the Viking Hirdmen for Hail Caesar Dark Ages… View in Store Hirdmen were professional soldiers within a Viking lord’s household (hird). Contents: 32 plastic Viking Hirdmen warriors Colour decal sheet Colour banner sheet View in Store A mainstay of Viking armies, these fearsome warriors would be well equipped with…

Hail Caesar, Latest Products, The Dark Age Sagas

New: Viking Bondi

Begin your Viking army here with this Bondi set… As Vikings discovered the wealthy, unguarded coastal regions of Britain, the raiding parties of different lords arrived to raze and plunder these Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. View in Store Bondi were free men, craftsmen, farmers, sailors and traders. Contents: 32 plastic Viking Bondi warriors Colour decal sheet Colour…

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