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Viking raiders! The cry goes out across the land as the long ships are sighted!


Led by the Viking Harald Steptoesson aboard his mighty long ship, the Hirdmen charge into victorious battle!


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You’ll find Harald gracing the cover of our Hail Caesar Army Lists book, this superbly sculpted Viking was named following a competition to suggest his title. You’ll find the full list for your Norse raiders in Hail Ceasar Army Lists – Late Antiquity to Early Medieval, but be careful – that axe is sharp…


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Hairy, berserk, and utterly brutal, these excellent plastic Vikings from Gripping Beast will lay waste to your opponents on the tabletop! Formed from the same high-quality plastic as our own Warlord miniatures, these highly-detailed models will look fantastic on your side of the table as they cut and smash their way to victory for your Viking king.

Gripping Beast Plastic Biking Hirdmen Boxed Set artwork

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This box set from Gripping Beast contains enough hard-plastic parts to assemble 44 Viking Hirdmen armed with swords, spears, hand-axes and Dane axes.
Painted Gripping Beast Viking Hirdmen

Also included are extra parts to turn two of your warriors into Viking Lords and two into horn-blowers. The box also contains plastic bases for all 44 models and 4 paper banners.

Gripping Beast Viking Hirdmen Infantry sprue

Gripping Beast Viking Hirdmen Command sprue

Raiding the shores in battles such as Brunanberg, Clontarf, Ethandun, and Maldon (Essex 991AD). How better to bring your Vikings ashore in style, than in your own long ship!

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From the end of the eighth century AD, Vikings originating from Scandinavia regularly appeared in Great Britain and on the European mainland on raiding expeditions in their Longships. These highly sea worthy fighting ships of around 65 feet in length had a bow at both ends, enabling them to beach and/or launch in either direction. The shallow draught of only 5 feet also gave the Vikings the option of sailing or rowing up inland waterways and rivers, allowing them to raid areas deep in the hinterland. With these fast (a speed of 20 knots) and very manoeuvrable fighting ships also known as “Dragon Boats”, the Vikings ventured as far away as Iceland, Greenland and even North America, as excavations at settlements have proven.

This 38.5 cm long, 24cm tall plastic kit contains:

– Two-piece wood grained hull
– Large area deck parts with many engraved details
– Typical Dragons Head
– 64 separate, individual shields
– Anchor and 32 Oars
– Structured Sail
– Mast, Yardarm and thread for authentic rigging
– Two piece stand
– Comprehensive set of decals for all shields and the sail

The vac-formed sail and rigging will really make this kit stand out, giving you lots of options for modelling.

For those who don’t want to go blind painting each of the shield designs the kit comes with a lovely waterslide decals sheet – feast your eyes on these! There’s even one for the sail too!

To round off your Viking collection what more could a Viking King require than his own long house and village. With the Sarissa Production range you now have everything you could possibly need for a Viking, Saxon, Norman or Celtic village.

Viking Longhouse I


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Viking Longhouse II


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Saxon/Norman Church


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Timber Buildings


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Check out our Dark Age miniature range below:


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