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Project Z: Female Survivors

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Female Survivors Expansion Set


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This gloriously detailed set contains 10 plastic female survivors plus weapons options plastic frame for a vast selection and endless variety! Also included are the 19 special game cards unique to this expansion set for Project Z.


Available to order from today and shipping from the 2nd May 2016:

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Project Z FREE PDF Rules

We now have an updated version of the rulebook as well as the Survivor’s Guide and the Quick Play reference sheet available to download for FREE!


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Project Z – The Zombie Miniatures Game


The starter set contains:

  • 23 plastic Zombies.
  • 10 plastic Male Survivors.
  • 6 plastic Biker Gangers (inc. 2 motorbikes).
  • Plus full colour rules, Survivors guide, play cards, counters, and dice.


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Fight the Dead: Zombie Horde Expansion Set


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Contains 23 plastic Zombies – every one completely individual.  Don’t miss Hospital Patient zombie, Roadkill zombie or Baywatch zombie! Also includes game cards unique to this expansion set.

Show us your collection of Zombie creations by dropping us a line with a couple of pictures to the Warlord Facebook page or share with all over at the Warlord Forum


Fight the Living: Male Survivors Expansion Set


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Contains 10 plastic male survivors and includes a weapons options sprue for even more variety. Also includes game cards unique to this expansion set.


Gang Escalation

Contains the Project Z starter box plus the Male Survivors and the Zombie Horde expansion sets:

Project Z Gang Escalation Bundle

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