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FREE gear with an Axis or Allied Desert Tank Platoon!

Yes that’s 1 FREE Stowage or Tank Crew pack when you buy your choice of 3 tanks for war in the desert – and you’ll get 10% off the value of the  tanks as well! Duel In The Sun is a perfect starting point for anyone interested in the Desert campaigns of 1940-43 and on into Italy…

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Hobby: Kampfgruppe Fallschirmjager

The Web team’s RichC has been planning a small Bolt Action force based on our lovely plastic Fallschirmjӓger and looks at the idea & planning behind building a Kampfgruppe. View in Store RichC: It’s been a short while since the release of our new plastic Fallschirmjӓger and after reading Mark Barbers article Rules: Fallschirmjager Army Lists I…