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Lavochkin La-5 squadron + ACE

Making its combat debut in July 1942 the Lavochkin La-5 is here for Blood Red Skies! Lavochkin La-5 View in Store Able to fight German fighters on an equal footing the LA5 was developed and refined from the LaGG-3, it became one of the Soviet Air Force’s most capable types of Fighter aircraft of WWII….

Blood Red Skies, Products

Falcon Squadron: Scourge of the Luftwaffe

Falcon Squadron: Scourge of the Luftwaffe – with Johnny Red Featuring the rogue British pilot and ACE Johnny Red in his stolen Hurricane alongside the rough and ready Soviet 5th air brigade squadron known as the ‘the Falcons’ View in Store Discharged from the RAF for striking a fellow officer Johnny Redburn joins the Merchant…

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