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Pre-order: 240 IAP (Fighter Aviation Regiment)

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The Lavochkin La-5 squadron + Ace: Ivan Kozhedub of the 240 IAP (Fighter Aviation Regiment) are about to arrive on the Eastern front for Blood Red Skies!

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240 IAP (Fighter Aviation Regiment)

The 240 IAP (Fighter Aviation Regiment) was one of the foremost Soviet fighter units. Initially equipped with obsolete I-16 fighters, they fought a one-sided battle against the Luftwaffe through the opening months of Operation Barbarossa, before being withdrawn to re-equip with LaGG3s.

During 1943 the Regiment was again re-equipped, this time with the excellent La5 series of fighters. With their new mounts, they started to carve out a reputation as a first-class fighter unit.

In recognition of their combat record, they received the “Guards” title in July 1944, becoming the 178th GIAP (Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment). They would finish the war flying the superb La7.

Their ranks included a number of famous Aces, including the highest scoring Allied fighter pilot of World War II, Ivan Kozhedub.


This set contains 7 metal Lavochkin La-5 fighter aircraft and all associated Blood Red Skies cards and pilot discs.


Pre-order in Store

The new Soviet Blood Red skies range will arrive in your local stores this July.