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Anglo-Zulu War 1879, Black Powder, Focus

Focus: Heroes of the Drift

With the Horns of the Buffalo, you’ll get 4 new heroes! John Stallard introduces two of these characters in swift order: Dan the Yank, and Padre Smith VC The pardre “Ammunition smith ” as he was consequently called, was busy all through the battle distributing packets of rounds contained in his hat whilst chiding his…

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Ship Focus: F-Lighters in the Mediterranean

The small harbours of North Africa were impassable to larger merchantmen. Enter the F-Lighter, half landing craft, half gunboat.  Humble Beginnings “An MFP could hold its own with a destroyer, let alone a PT which had nothing more powerful than a 20-mm machine gun to shoot with.” – Samuel Eliot Morison   The Marinefährprahm (Naval ferry barge,…

Cruel Seas, Profiles

Spotlight: Roberts-class Monitors

What happens if you’ve got a few 15″ battleship guns laying around? Build a monitor, of course! This week, we’re looking at the career of the Roberts-class monitor.  The term “Monitor” dates back to the 19th century and refers to a class of ship which is neither fast nor heavily armoured but carries disproportionally large…