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More Bolt Action Polish!

Are your Polish forces desperate for reinforcements to stave off the double-pronged attack from Soviet and German aggressors? Fear not – for your brave sons of Poland now have dashing Lancers, armoured support, as well as mortar fire with which to bolster your defence! Early War Polish Lancer Regiment Warlord Games salute the brave Poles, whose…

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Bolt Action Early War Polish!

If you like to play games set in the early part of WWII (it’s not all Tigers, Shermans and 88s, you know!) you’ll love this little lot – the Early War Polish are here! Not only have we reorganised and repackaged the range but we’ve given the gallant Poles more punch with two new guns….

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Preview: Polish Sharpshooters

We’ve recently re-organised our early war Polish range and are in the process of filling in the gaps. Foremost amongst these are the marksmen and anti-tank riflemen – take a peek at the new sculpts painted by Stephan Huber… Although lasting only just over a month, the German invasion of Poland encountered strong military opposition and…

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New: Bolt Action Army Deals!

With the recent releases of our French army, Italian Airborne and Polish army ranges we’ve taken the opportunity to create a few new army deals for you. These will not only allow you to purchase your army easily but also save you a few quid into the bargain… French Rules of Engagement starter army Maybe…