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New: Bolt Action Army Deals!

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With the recent releases of our French army, Italian Airborne and Polish army ranges we’ve taken the opportunity to create a few new army deals for you. These will not only allow you to purchase your army easily but also save you a few quid into the bargain…

French Deal

French Rules of Engagement starter army

Maybe you’ve been on the fence about the French, despite these lovely sculpts. Here’s a great chance to cast aside any doubts and get started on a French army!

This deal provides you with:

  • Platoon Command
  • 2x Rifle Squads
  • 81mm Mortar Team
  • HMG Team

All for a total of £40, saving you £3!

Polish Deal

Polish Rules of Engagement starter army

Tankettes and cavalry more to your liking? This Polish RoE Starter Army is a steal!

This deal includes the following:

  • Command Group
  • 3x Polish Squads
  • HMG Team
  • 81mm Mortar
  • 2x Anti-Tank Rifles (New!)
  • Sharpshooter Team (New!)
  • 2x TKS Tankettes
  • Lancer Regiment

This deal is £100 saving you £13!

Italian Airborne Rules of Engagement starter army

What better way to start your Italian Paratrooper army for Rules of Engagement than this specially tailored army deal? With all the basic options you need plus a few goodies this’ll have your opponents running for cover…

  • 4 man Platoon command
  • Paratrooper Squads: 2 x 10-man squads
  • Company Support: 45mm Brixia mortar team
  • Company Support: 2-man Sniper team
  • Company Support: HMG team
  • Divisional support: Heavy Mortar team
  • 2-man Flamethrower team

This army deal will cost you £45 – saving you £4.

Italian Army

Italian Paratrooper Army Deal

All the great new Italian Airborne models we’ve been flashing in front of you for weeks now got you thinking about a new force? Ready to jump in with both feet, berettas a-blazin? No problem! Start with a Platoon Command and 3 Paratrooper Squads, plus additional support and save some cash!

The deal contains the following:

  • 4 man Platoon Command
  • 3x 10 man Squads
  • Company Support: 45mm Brixia mortar team
  • Company Support: 2-man Sniper team
  • Company Support: HMG Team
  • Divisional Support: Heavy Mortar Team
  • Pioneer Squad
  • FREE! 5x Paratroopers with German weapons!

This deal costs £80 saving you £9.00!