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More Bolt Action Polish!

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Are your Polish forces desperate for reinforcements to stave off the double-pronged attack from Soviet and German aggressors? Fear not – for your brave sons of Poland now have dashing Lancers, armoured support, as well as mortar fire with which to bolster your defence!

Early War Polish Lancer Regiment

Early War Polish Lancer Regiment

Warlord Games salute the brave Poles, whose motto was “Honour and Fatherland”, and we supply models with lances for the old fashioned cavalry types who still hear the snorting of the horses and the jangle of the bits before the trumpeter sounded the Charge!

This set provides you with 10 Polish Cavalry including a full command. Mounted figures with open hands and sabres. Can be modelled with lances (included).

Polish TKS Tankette

TKS Tankette

Like so many other of the world’s armies in the 1930’s Poland flirted with small tanks, unable to afford larger gun-armed tanks in quantity. When the Germans crashed over their borders in September 1939, they too arrived, we should remember, with many or mostly machine gun armed tanks with paper thin armour.

Opposing this Blitzkrieg, as it came to be known, was the stolid Polish infantryman, backed up by a few medium tanks and up to five hundred Tankettes. These were mostly used for reconnaissance, although its machine gun would be an unpleasant foe for advancing German light troops, and later on, the Poles re-equipped some with a long 20mm cannon, giving them a useful anti-tank capability.

The Tanketts therefore are not going to survive much contact with anything other than armoured cars and light tanks, but with its low silhouette and speed, it should give the Germans a shock if used en masse!

This set contains ONE metal and resin vehicle. The soldier shown is for scale purposes and not included

Early War Polish Medium Mortar Team


The classic infantry support weapon. As with most armies of the period the Poles adopted the 81mm medium mortar. Capable of laying down a rain of shells in short time, this is the weapon you want to either smother the foe with firepower or to break up any assault on your position.

The mortars were normally grouped together with the heavy machine gun company of the Battalion.

This set contains 3 metal crew and a mortar. Models are supplied unpainted.

Early War Polish Squad

Rifle Squad

The Polish infantry squad was a powerful fighting force, comprising of up to 19 men. The riflemen were equipped with Mauser bolt-action rifles and the squad support weapon was the well proven Polish-made Browning automatic rifle, or RKM WZ.28. This machine gun was adequate for most of its roles but would be overpowered by the shattering rate of fire of German MG34’s.

The Polish infantryman of our period was well trained and highly motivated, attacked as he was on two fronts in a dastardly move by two of the world’s most aggressive powers.

This pack contains a random assortment of 10 metal figures, supplied unpainted.

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