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Re-released: Bolt Action Terrain!

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We’re taking a short hiatus from releasing our Bolt Action resin vehicles to bring you more terrain pieces! Don’t worry – we have a stack of old favourites and new vehicles coming soon…

Halt! German Checkpoint

German Checkpoint

“Halt! Papers please!”

It doesn’t get better than that… Too many WWII films, books and comics have featured the dreaded checkpoint that we simply had to include one in our range. From the burning suns of North Africa to the Arctic Circle the Germans loved a good check point… Mind you, invading peaceful countries and subjugating them right left and centre would lead to a resentful civilian population and a lot of papers to be in order…

Snap up this characterful set from the webstore and write up a scenario or two!

Raus! Dismounting Panzergrenadiers

Dismounting Panzergrenadiers

With Much Demand We now have the Panzer Grenadiers separate from the Half Track!

This set features 6 SS Panzer Grenadiers (they can be fielded as Heer too) in full fighting order, a squad leader with MP40, and grenadiers equipped with MG42, rifles, grenades and even a Panzerfaust.

Head to the webstore now to get yours today! As well, we still have the lovely combo deal that includes the Panzer Grenadiers PLUS a halftrack.

Stone Walls

Stone Walls

Add some much needed cover to your sparse gaming table with these great stone wall sections. These stone walls have been made to work well with one another so you can create barriers to suit your needs. First up are these straight stone wall sections. Each length is 6 inches and available individually, head here to add some to your table. Also available in a set of 4, saving you some cash!

Stone Walls

You’re going to need to add some gates so your troops and vehicles can gain easy access. These stone gateways are just the thing then! Pick some up here.

Stone Walls

We also have some stone wall corners to round out all your wall needs. Pick them up here.

And if you’re hot to pick up some walls and want to save a few quid, look no further than this terrain deal:

8 x Straight Stone Wall sections
4 x Stone Wall Corner sections
2 x Stone Wall sections with Gates

All for £30, saving you £6 on buying them individually!

Wooden Fences

Wooden Fences

Much like the stone variety featured earlier, but less likely to stop bullets… Still wooden fences abound and variety is the spice of life after all. Click here to pick up some wooden fences from our webstore. Also available in a set of 4, saving you some cash!

Ruined Building Corner

One of recent Bolt Action terrain pieces to be back on sale (joining the previously released Panzernest) is this resin Ruined Building Corner that’s seen plenty of action. Great for giving cover to your troops…