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‘Germany Strikes!’ preview by Alessio Cavatore

Alessio: Following the release of Battleground Europe and Ostfront, the “Theatre books” supplements for Bolt Action continue with Germany Strikes! – Early war in Europe. In this article I’m going to explain in a little more detail what you’re going to find in each of the seven sections of this new book. Prelude To War This introduction…

Bolt Action, Bolt Action - Battleground Europe, Bolt Action - British, Bolt Action - German, Bolt Action - Italian, Bolt Action - Polish, Bolt Action - US, Showcase

Showcase: The Airborne Forces of Bolt Action

With the release of the optional rules set for Airlanding reinforcements for Bolt Action, now is the time… muster the troops, tighten your straps, check your ‘chute, say a quick prayer, and prepare to jump. All of your jump training comes down to this one moment… Throughout the years, we’ve released a swathe of products…