With the release of the optional rules set for Airlanding reinforcements for Bolt Action, now is the time… muster the troops, tighten your straps, check your ‘chute, say a quick prayer, and prepare to jump. All of your jump training comes down to this one moment…

Throughout the years, we’ve released a swathe of products to represent the various Airlanding forces who saw action throughout Word War Two, so – to support the Airlanding rules, we thought we’d gather them together to showcase just a portion of the Bolt Action range…

US Airborne



British Airborne






Italian Airborne



Polish Airborne



…and with rules for further Airborne units for some of the other nations, there is massive scope for all of you converters out there, and who knows what the Warlord release schedule might hold in store…

So why not head over to the webstore now, and pick-up some reinforcements..?


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