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Hail Caesar, Latest Products

New: Agincourt Mounted Knights

Charge straight into the enemy front lines with these Agincourt Mounted Knights, new from Perry Miniatures! Mounted Agincourt Knights View in Store This box contains 12 superbly detailed plastic mounted European Knights, of which six can be made as light cavalry (mounted archers or sergeants). For those who will need to recreate the mighty battles…

Latest Products, Napoleonic Wars 1789-1815

New: TravelBattle

TravelBattle is a complete table top miniatures game in a box from Perry Miniatures… View in Store TravelBattle is intended for gamers who have limited space, or those who are traveling on a long journey or holiday and need a gaming fix! All the playing pieces are made of coloured plastic, and include two 3…

Hail Caesar, Latest Products

New: Agincourt 1415-29

The Battle of Agincourt – 25 October 1415 near Azincourt, in northern France. Henry V led his 7000 already exhausted troops into battle against 20,000 French, and participated in the bloody hand-to-hand fighting that would see him and the fabled English Longbow men earn their place in our history books.   Build your Hail Caesar…