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Focus: Pegasus Bridge battle set

The Mission The mission, in the opening minutes of the Normandy landings 6th June 1944, was to capture the Bénouville Bridge and the nearby Ranville Bridge in order to prevent German reinforcements from reaching the beaches, where Allied forces were pouring ashore. 180 men, led by Major John Howard, landed close to their targets in…

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Thank you: Wargames Illustrated

View the results It came as a pleasant surprise last week to receive an emaill from our friends over at Wargames Illustrated regarding their latest survey – to tell us that we’d been voted as your favourite figure manufacturer! We’d like to say a huge thank you to all our customers – old and new…

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Warning: EU Health And Safety Notice

Health and Safety New EU regulations are soon to come into force which require us to make all products in bendy plastic as of 2017 – due to a dramatic increase in the number of reported injuries sustained by hobbyists while working with metal, resin, and hard plastic model kits. As such, Warlord Games are happy to oblige…